How many times have you said to yourself

“I’m going to start eating better today…” or

“I’m going to start exercising today…” or

“I’m going to get back on track today…” or

“I’m going to start writing my book today…?


I’m sure that today is one of those days for a lot of people…Perhaps it is for you.

Sometimes after a long Winter we find ourselves starting to think about summer coming and the shape we are in…

Or maybe we realize that half the year has gone by and… well, we aren’t where we thought we would be when we started out the year in January…

Or maybe you did not hit your monetary goals, or your client acquisition goals, or you still have that same 20 pounds lingering with you…

Whatever it may be, I want you to think about how you will feel when 6 more months fly by and you are still contending with this particular issue.
I don’t want that for you! Heck, I don’t want that for me!


So here is what I propose…YOU AND ME in a 90 minute session. This session will include (and not be limited to)…

  • Creating a clear and compelling Vision for your next 6 months.
  • Understanding how thoughts become things.
  • Explanation of Design vs. Default
  • 15 minute Visualization Session.
  • Exploration of your Vision and what “came up” for you.
  • Explanation of how to write a Vision Statement.
  • 6 Guidelines to Creative Visualization.
  • Email follow-up with all teaching points summarized.
  • Calibration and feedback of your written Vision Statement in another follow-up email.
  • Eligibility for a deeply discounted 3-month program with me to keep you on track towards your goals.

Now is the time to get on top of that fitness goal, or whatever goal you may have for the rest of this year!

Below are just two testimonials of clients who had a Visioning Session with me:

Hi Michelle,

I LOVED our session! It was so empowering; what a gift! You are the real deal and I value the time I got to have with you! I set aside some time this afternoon/eve to kick off my vision statement and look forward to sending to you!

Best always,


“Before the beginning of the year I was struggling with finding motivation within myself to be the person I knew I could be… Being attracted to Michelle’s positive outlook on life and words of wisdom I sought her out for help to get me on the right track mentally. Michelle went out of her way to…help me write a vision statement for 2016 that I believe in four short weeks has changed my life. From my vision statement I am now getting out of bed on a daily basis before 11am…I no longer have to sleep with the help of sleeping medication, I feel a great sense of positivity and hope for the future, my real estate career has started to develop and I now have a new listing and I am working with a serious buyer, I feel happy and motivated to work in real estate, I feel more secure in my personal romantic relationship…I am going back to Thailand and visiting Mayanmar…and my thoughts have been more positive. Michelle is amazing and I give her credit to my current success and I recommend her to anyone seeking positive direction and a loving push in life.”

Here is what you do next. You contact me. That’s it. Simple.

Let’s work on this together! And if you were wondering, no one does it alone. We all need coaching, loving accountability and a caring friend!



“Michelle is a gifted coach whose talent for visioning with her clients leaves them feeling inspired and full of possibilities. Her positivity and enthusiasm are infectious. I highly recommend Michelle for anyone feeling stuck who needs to re-energize and refocus to achieve their goals; she is a compassionate and encouraging guide to your best self.”

-Jan Shegda M.A.