Thomas Harris

Real Estate Agent

“Michelle Akda is an incredibly talented life coach with a natural gift in uplifting and empowering the human mind and spirit. Before the beginning of the year I was struggling with finding motivation within myself to be the person I knew I could be and completing the hard work I had to do on a daily basis to jump start my career in real estate. I got my real estate license a year and a half ago and have been stagnant in my career since the beginning because of the core belief I have had that I am not good enough and am incapable of achieving my hopes and dreams. Being attracted to Michelle’s positive outlook on life and words of wisdom I sought her out for help to get me on the right track mentally. Michelle went out of her way to meet me for coffee and help me write a vision statement for 2016 that I believe in four short weeks has changed my life…From my vision statement I am now getting out of bed on a daily basis before 11am (something I couldn’t do for the entire last year), I no longer have to sleep with the help of sleeping medication, and I feel a great sense of positivity and hope for the future. My real estate career has started to develop and I now have a new listing and I am working with a serious buyer, I feel happy and motivated to work in real estate, I feel more secure in my personal romantic relationship, I gave up eating meat the day after Christmas and have stuck to it, I requested time off in May/June and I am going back to Thailand and visiting Mayanmar (my dream is to travel the world and its happening), and my thoughts have been more positive. Michelle is amazing and I give her credit to my current success and I recommend her to anyone seeking positive direction and a loving push in life. I LOVE YOU MICHELLE! you have helped me more than you realize.”