“Michelle Akda has been an inspiration, coach and colleague. I worked with her using the Dreambuilder model of life coaching and found it to be amazing. She was absolutely consistent with our weekly meetings, never missing our time together. She was positive and uplifting while at the same time holding me accountable to the things that were important. The accountability portion of her coaching was the most helpful for me. I sometimes struggle with follow through. But having a coach listen so carefully to my goals and then help me address them was life-changing. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Dr. Julie Foster

Founder and Executive Director at Strong and Shameless

“Michelle Akda is an incredibly talented life coach with a natural gift in uplifting and empowering the human mind and spirit. Before the beginning of the year I was struggling with finding motivation within myself to be the person I knew I could be and completing the hard work I had to do on a daily basis to jump start my career in real estate. I got my real estate license a year and a half ago and have been stagnant in my career since the beginning because of the core belief I have had that I am not good enough and am incapable of achieving my hopes and dreams. Being attracted to Michelle’s positive outlook on life and words of wisdom I sought her out for help to get me on the right track mentally. Michelle went out of her way to meet me for coffee and help me write a vision statement for 2016 that I believe in four short weeks has changed my life…From my vision statement I am now getting out of bed on a daily basis before 11am (something I couldn’t do for the entire last year), I no longer have to sleep with the help of sleeping medication, and I feel a great sense of positivity and hope for the future. My real estate career has started to develop and I now have a new listing and I am working with a serious buyer, I feel happy and motivated to work in real estate, I feel more secure in my personal romantic relationship, I gave up eating meat the day after Christmas and have stuck to it, I requested time off in May/June and I am going back to Thailand and visiting Mayanmar (my dream is to travel the world and its happening), and my thoughts have been more positive. Michelle is amazing and I give her credit to my current success and I recommend her to anyone seeking positive direction and a loving push in life. I LOVE YOU MICHELLE! you have helped me more than you realize.”

Thomas Harris

Real Estate Agent

“Michelle is a gifted coach whose talent for visioning with her clients leaves them feeling inspired and full of possibilities. Her positivity and enthusiasm are infectious. I highly recommend Michelle for anyone feeling stuck who needs to re-energize and refocus to achieve their goals; she is a compassionate and encouraging guide to your best self.”

Jan Shegda M.A.

Clarity Coaching and Counseling

“Michelle consistently delivers empowerment to our audience on ‘Lunch With the Finance Bunch.’ Our show is centered around finance, and many people have a difficult time with money both mentally and emotionally. Having Michelle as one of our recurring guests has produced amazing results not only for our show, but in the lives of our audience members. We are so thankful for the insight and encouragement that Michelle brings to our table!”

Nathan Finch

Co-producer of “Lunch with the Finance Bunch”
Accelerated Radio

“I can honestly say that working with Michelle Akda has enhanced my life beyond what I thought possible. She has coached me step by step in the process of manifesting my thoughts into reality. The result is so much joy, abundance and confidence!”

Cesar Graulau

Home and Apartment Leasing Specialist

“Michelle Akda is inspiring, exuberant, has a great outlook on life and will set you on the path to success…”

Brian Leslie

Creative Director/Event Specialist