Dancer, Zumba Instructor, Singer, Dreamer, and all around woman on a mission…A mission to get YOU dreaming about your life again!

I have started the “Live Your Dream Movement” and I want YOU to be a part of it!

When did you stop dreaming about your life anyway? Do you remember? Was it when you went to college for the education your parents wanted you to have (I mean they were paying). Was it when you had kids and needed to get them into a good pre-school, oh and then of course ya had to think about their college education…Or was it that last time you were told you were no good by your boyfriend, your boss, your step mom, or whomever it was…?

I am a Dream Builder Life Coach and it is my mission to get YOU dreaming about your life again!

You may be wondering what qualifies me to do this work…Glad you asked! I have studied with some of the best! Prior to becoming a Life Coach, I attended Antioch University and received my Master’s Degree in counseling psychology. But something about studying psychology, though fantastically interesting and a wonderful prerequisite for working with people, wasn’t enough for me. There wasn’t the spiritual, mind body connection in the curriculum that made me feel that I could truly be of service to my clients. So I pondered life and about what I should do next and…

I became an actress! HA! I auditioned,booked commercials, print gigs, I starting singing with a band in clubs and got my certification training to teach Zumba fitness…

But the call to be of service to others in a larger way continued to be a vision of mine that I had to live into!

That is when I sought out “The Life Mastery Institute” where I received my coaching certification. I studied with the great Mary Morrissey, Bob Proctor and the great coach to all the coaches, Pamela Sterling!

I went on a spiritual pilgrimage with my mentor in Bali. I played very well on the “coaching playground” and made lots of coach friends who have expanded me and made me a better coach. I have surrounded myself with partners in believing and like minded spiritual soldiers, and I continue my studies every day with my own personal coach as well as the myriad of books, teachers, mentors and lessons out in the world….WHEW! Good stuff dreamers!

I call you dreamers because that is what I want for you! I want you to be a dreamer. I want you to start understanding that every accomplishment, every success, and every beautiful creation on this earth started with a dream!

Thoughts become things my sweet dreamers. It is my job as a Life Coach to get you to focus on the dream of your life and to shift your focus away from the circumstance of your life. Truth speaks louder than circumstance! What is your truth? If listening to the truth of your life, living into your greatest dream about who you were meant to be, and starting to shift your thinking to create the grandest version of yourself sounds like what you would LOVE, come work with me! It is my honor to be a joyful partner in your becoming. I am holding the space for your greatest transformation!



“Michelle Akda has been an inspiration, coach and colleague. I worked with her using the Dreambuilder model of life coaching and found it to be amazing. She was absolutely consistent with our weekly meetings, never missing our time together. She was positive and uplifting while at the same time holding me accountable to the things that were important. The accountability portion of her coaching was the most helpful for me. I sometimes struggle with follow through. But having a coach listen so carefully to my goals and then help me address them was life-changing. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

-Dr. Julie Foster


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