Happy New Year…Now What?

So it’s January 1st…is it me or do we all kinda dread the new year? Don’t get me wrong I love new beginnings and clean slates and all but c’mon isn’t the new year more of an exercise in thinking about all that went wrong the past year and trying to right it all on January 1st? (or at least in the first few weeks). What pressure! I can’t tell you how many people I have heard say, “I am so glad 2015 is over, it was such a bad year for me. I am ready for 2016!!” As if 2016 is going to be THAT much better. I mean what was sooo bad about 2015? January was just being January like it is every year, cold and long, kinda boring. And February was just being February with its 28 days and homage to St. Valentine…June was June and August was hot like it always is. October through December embodied the holiday madness it always does. It’s the same, year after year! So what was so darn bad about 2015???? Well, I can tell you it was not the year itself that was bad. The year was the year, twelve months and all. But I can tell you what made you want to vacate 2015 with such rapidity…It was how you chose to THINK about 2015 and how you continue to think about it.

I am not saying bad things don’t happen. 2014 was a doozy of a year for me. Taking care of my sick mom up until her death in October of that year was not fun, not fun in any way, BUT, and it’s a big but (not an homage to Sir Mix-alot), I cannot say that there were not moments of deep learning, understanding, growth, fun, tears of joy, laughter, friendship, fun, passion, success and so much more. I don’t want to declare 2014 a bad year. It was a hard year but not a bad year.

So often we look upon the year that has just passed to figure out what we did wrong, what went wrong, what we can do better and resolve to do better. That is all well and good. I want you to do better. But wouldn’t it be nice and perhaps helpful to look back on this past year and commemorate all the times we got it RIGHT!!? All the times when life worked in our favor, when all the “stars aligned” and when we met with great success and felt accomplished. Why don’t we take THAT list, bring it to this brand new baby year and let our work be to amplify all the good that happened in 2015!!

Let’s figure out how to hit the accelerator on all the success we have had and put a spotlight on all the good we experienced then maybe, just maybe it will shift our energy as we move into 2016 to create positive change, success and prosperity. It is not just seeing the glass of 2015 as half full, this is about shifting how we think about circumstance. This is about not allowing our conditions to rule our spirit. And isn’t it true that we are all just spiritual beings here to have an experience of humanity? If so, and I believe this to be so, then let’s look back at 2015 with compassion so that we can show up in 2016 as the beautiful, successful, spiritual beings we are and create more of that.

So 2015 wasn’t THAT bad right? You can find some things you want to amplify and create more of right? When we get into the practice of searching for the good, our brains start to automatically scan our world looking for the beauty that is abounding. 2016 is going to fly by and I want you to be able to look back upon this year that is just barely getting started with compassion love, and pride at yourself and all that transpired. So don’t let your focus be to fix the negative. Shift your focus to amplifying the positive. You will see an amazing shift in your world if you do.

Happy New Year. Here’s to living a life you LOVE!

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