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By / July 8, 2016

It feels like the world is going crazy…

I am not gonna sugar coat this…the world feels cray right now! Politics are a......

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By / March 14, 2016

Happy New Year…Now What?

So it’s January 1st…is it me or do we all kinda dread the new year?......

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By / March 7, 2016

3 Secrets to Living a Life you LOVE!

Want to learn how to tap into the joy of living again? There are 3......

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Home and Apartment Leasing Specialist

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A Waitress's Guide to Spirituality

This book is about finding meaning and Spirit in your life regardless of your job title! Michelle Akda has been a waitress for over 20 years. She has also been on a Spiritual journey through study, travel, books and some wonderful mentors. She has attained her Master’s in Clinical Psychology and is a certified Transformational Life Coach. This book is Michelle’s journey in finding her own Spirit as she has traversed the sometimes frustrating terrain of being a waitress. Dealing with tough customers, getting stiffed on tips, managing other people’s energy without losing yourself are all ideas this book touches on. And though it is told from the perspective of a waitress, anyone in ANY job can relate to the same difficulties! Michelle’s experience has provided her insight both inside and outside of the restaurant industry that can help the reader find their Spirit and live their best life no matter what it is they are doing. This book also helps the reader with their THINKING as thoughts create reality. With a book filled with tricks, tips and Spiritual tools to get through the day, the reader realizes that even if they are working a job that is not their highest calling, they can still find their Spirit and create meaning in their lives. Because at the end of the day it is about who we are BEING, not what we are DOING! Michelle is able in this short guide, to remind the readers who they really ARE…Spiritual beings having a human experience!!